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Playgrounds for quick service restaurants

Traffic-stopping play that’s high quality and low maintenance.

The ultimate kid-friendly pit shop

Grow your quick service restaurant with a safe, high-quality playground that’s built to last. RhinoPlay has been helping QSRs profit through play for more than 20 years. We pride ourselves on offering a seamless process, delivering fast turnarounds and exceptional customer service with minimal disruption to trade.

Purpose built for your franchise

Our signature modular playgrounds are fast and cost-effective to manufacture and install, while still allowing for unique custom designs that make your restaurant stand out. We proudly support more sustainable business practices with our range of recycled plastics.

High quality. Low maintenance.

We install and certify your playground, ensuring it meets the highest possible standards. Everything we build for you undergoes strict quality control procedures and compliance checks, so you can be confident it’s both durable and safe.

  • Materials that are resistant to fading, rot, splinting and delamination.
  • Backed by up to 10 years warranty.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Fully certified to meet or exceed Australian safety standards.
  • Compliance inspections, speedy maintenance and ongoing support.

Featured projects from quick service restaurants

RhinoPlay For quick service restaurants
RhinoPlay For quick service restaurants
a MacDonald's playplace playground from the outside
RhinoPlay For quick service restaurants

About RhinoPlay

RhinoPlay creates safe, durable playgrounds with instant street appeal to help pubs, clubs and quick service restaurants attract more families and profit through play. While we’re well-renowned for our smart, modular play systems, we now join forces with PlayCo to bring our customers an extended range of high-quality indoor and outdoor playgrounds.

Frequently asked questions

Take a look at these common questions or contact the team at any time. We’re here to help.

  • Absolutely. Our playground structures are custom designed for each and every project to satisfy relevant age groups, total play area, budget and design aesthetics. Contact us to speak to a design consultant or to understanding more about the materials, colours, play elements and activities available. The options for customisation and creativity are endless.

  • Of course. As we manufacture all of our equipment in Australia, we can provide spare parts throughout the life of your playground. Just contact us to let us know what you need.

  • We typically custom design every playground to best suit your site and requirements, so no two quotes are the same and vary greatly depending on the size, number of elements, material choice and more. Give us a call to discuss project requirements and we can give you a quick indication of price before undertaking the formal quotation process.

  • Our commercial playgrounds are designed to be as low-maintenance as possible. We use extremely durable materials that are easy to clean and maintain. If you do have any damages or repairs, get in touch with the team and we can assist with spare parts and maintenance.

  • We have an extensive range of both indoor and outdoor playgrounds and equipment. Contact us to discuss which range and materials are best suited to your project.

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Playground at Heritage Bank Stadium