McDonald’s Cooma

RhinoPlay For quick service restaurants

A durable, high quality playground that could be installed in a short time span.

a MacDonald's playplace playground from the outside
a MacDonald's playplace playground from the outside


The goal of this project was to make McDonald’s Cooma the obvious pit stop for families driving to the Snowy Mountains, plus maintain a busy local trade all year round.

a colourful indoor climbing tower playground


Given the large volume of kids that play here, we custom designed a whopping seven-story PlayPlace with durable play elements for all age groups. We worked closely with the architects to integrate a glass structure – including unique indoor-outdoor slides – to ensure the Playland was highly visible from the road while still within a warm indoor environment.

a blue tunnel slide that's partially outside of the restaurant


Cube is a smart modular play system specifically designed for venues with high foot traffic. With unique ball-junction technology and interchangeable panels, it allows you to create countless play combinations in a simple, cost-effective way.

MacDonald's sign next to a PlayPlace External view of a McCafe playground