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Playgrounds for pubs and clubs

Helping venues profit from play.

Become the go‐to family local

Attract more families and keep them for longer with a quality playground that’s got instant street appeal. RhinoPlay specialises in designing, installing and maintaining high-quality play equipment for pubs and clubs. With more than two decades’ experience, we offer a seamless end-to-end process and know exactly what you need to make fast profits.

Smart custom designs and an unsurpassed range

As part of PlayCo, we have Australia’s leading range of commercial play equipment. Our design experts will work with you to create a cost‐effective playspace that’s perfectly tailored to your site, budget and requirements.

High quality. Low maintenance.

We install and certify your playground, ensuring it meets the highest possible standards. Everything we build for you undergoes strict quality control procedures and compliance checks, so you can be confident it’s both durable and safe.

  • Materials that are resistant to fading, rot, splinting and delamination.
  • Backed by up to 10 years warranty.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Fully certified to meet or exceed Australian safety standards.
  • Compliance inspections, speedy maintenance and ongoing support.

Featured projects from pubs and clubs

RhinoPlay For pubs and clubs
RhinoPlay For pubs and clubs
RhinoPlay For pubs and clubs

About RhinoPlay

RhinoPlay creates safe, durable playgrounds with instant street appeal to help pubs, clubs and quick service restaurants attract more families and profit through play. While we’re well-renowned for our smart, modular play systems, we now join forces with PlayCo to bring our customers an extended range of high-quality indoor and outdoor playgrounds.

Frequently asked questions

Take a look at these common questions or contact the team at any time. We’re here to help.

  • Contact us for freestanding product prices or to get a free quote.

  • Of course. As we manufacture all of our equipment in Australia, we can provide spare parts throughout the life of your playground. Just contact us to let us know what you need.

  • We offer a playground collection and take back program. Speak to the team to see if your project is eligible.

  • Definitely. Detailed instruction manuals are provided with each item and are available online for most products. We recommend you only use experienced contractors, or PlayCo’s nation-wide installation team. If you have any issues with your installation or the instructions, please contact us.

  • Absolutely. Our playground structures are custom designed for each and every project to satisfy relevant age groups, total play area, budget and design aesthetics. Contact us to speak to a design consultant or to understanding more about the materials, colours, play elements and activities available. The options for customisation and creativity are endless.

  • For most of our products, you can choose whether you want to install it yourself or have our team do it for you. Contact our team today to learn how we can support your installation needs.

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Playground at Heritage Bank Stadium