Sedgefield Avenue

ForPark For local government

We had the incredible opportunity to design and install Grandview’s very own dinosaur park.

Playground with climbing wall and blue tunnel slide


A new play space in Truganinga has opened to the delight of locals. Located on Sedgefield Avenue, the new Timber Essentials structure can be enjoyed by a large age range, with climbing elements, slides, and cubbies for quiet play.

Not far from the playground is some freestanding motion equipment including a Merry-Go-Round, Jitterbug Rocker and a Swing Post 4 Bay.

playground with green climbing ropes


Our Essentials Timber range combines the natural beauty of nature with the strength and durability of aluminium and steel.

Our hybrid design is crafted from Meranti Timber of the Shorea species. The light hardwood has a beautiful natural lustre to give your play space a natural atmosphere and aesthetic. The wooden playground structure has interlocking grains which weather into a smoother surface as it ages.

Colourful playground Yellow and blue merry-go-round